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Investing in a modern irrigation system will increase the value of your landscape

Written by Mike White
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Investing in a modern irrigation system will increase the value of your landscape 

Continuum Landscape Architects works with property owners and institutions to design and implement landscape improvements that achieve your goals and add value to your property. We look at the big picture to help ensure that the money you spend on your landscape will benefit you for years to come.

Conserve water, save money while maintaining a beautiful landscape

Reducing our water usage is more pressing now than ever, as many of our communities have enforced water-use restrictions due to the continuing drought, but, did you know that modern irrigation systems are efficient and economical whether or not we're experiencing drought conditions?

Investing in smart irrigation technologies saves money

Irrigation systems are the easiest and most economical way to take care of your landscape. Today, there are new technologies that significantly reduce water consumption, regardless of varied climates and levels of rainfall. That means valuable water and cost-savings for property owners. The beauty of these irrigation technologies is that they can be installed on pre-existing systems for relatively low cost and monitor drought and abundant rainfall conditions.

Whether your irrigation system is newly installed or has been utilized for years, there are ways to reduce your water consumption

Rain sensors are relatively affordable and have the ability to detect certain levels of rain and shut down the system accordingly. There are two main types of rain sensors for irrigation systems:

  • Soil Moisture-Based Controllers shut off the irrigation system when moisture content in the soil exceeds pre-programmed levels. By measuring moisture in the roots, the system compares readings to recommended levels for the plant, soil type, and other programmable variables. The device is programmed to turn on and off depending on the pre-programmed moisture levels.
  • Weather-Based Controllers use factors such as evapotranspiration calculations, local forecasts, soil and plant types, sun exposure, and local weather conditions to adjust the irrigation schedule automatically and ensure customized watering schedules that save both water and money. These systems enable users to control their sprinklers, monitor settings and keep track of savings right from their smartphone.

Sustaining the trend: developing more eco-friendly landscapes

Today, more and more property owners are looking for ways to join the Green Building Movement. Clients are seeking sustainable landscapes that fit their property, suit their lifestyle and are friendly to the environment. Incorporating smart irrigation into your project is one of the strategies that applies to many sustainability certification systems, including USGBC's Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) rating system and the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES). Both rating systems require irrigation systems to provide proof of the intended decrease in water in order to receive points. Continuum Landscape Architects can help you implement these and many other sustainable landscape solutions. 

Call us today and maximize your ROI

Whether you're thinking about resale value or you want to extend the usability and functionality of your landscape, Continuum Landscape Architects will help prioritize and develop an improvements plan that accomplishes all of your goals and meets your budget.  

We look forward to working on your next project with you. 


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